May 6, 2023

Did you know that hemp cultivation has been banned in the USA and other countries since 1937 due to the threat it has caused to certain companies and their businesses? Yes, all connected to cotton!

Although hemp has many practical benefits, let's focus on one that can have an effect on our daily lives – on clothes - and compare it with cotton: WATER!

Cotton: To grow cotton you need about 5300 liters of water for each kilogram of cotton. That's a lot of water! Some cotton-producing areas in the world are experiencing shortages of drinking water due to cotton and clothing production. Some areas of the world have even experienced desertification as a result of cotton production... so , why are the environmentalists not complaining? Well, probably big companies and the puppet masters do not want them!

Hemp: To grow hemp you need half the water water you need for cotton. Hemp is a strong and reliable plant that grows very quickly. Not only that, but hemp produces about 200% – 250% more fiber in the same amount of earth compared to cotton.


Cotton: One of the biggest drawbacks of cotton cultivation is the amount of pesticides used to grow the plant. Although there is organic cotton cultivation, the world's cotton production still uses about 25% of the world's pesticide consumption. Another very important unfortunate factor is that these chemicals can end up in our skin while we wear clothes derived from such cotton.

Hemp: The beauty of the hemp is that it does not require any pesticides as it grows. In fact, it does not require any chemicals to grow. The nature of the growth of the plant can be compared with weeds, as it has the ability to self-maintain. This allows the hemp to grow freely and quickly.

WEARING hemp feels better and the clothes last longer!

Cotton: Generally very comfortable for the material at the very beginning, and the longer you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes. One cannot deny the softness of cotton, but it is also true that cotton fibers tear over time and the more you wash it, the more it breaks down.

Hemp: The fibers of hemp used to make clothes are strong natural fibers that, like cotton, become softer with each day of wear and every wash. Although it is not so soft at the very beginning, it is still soft enough and certainly would not feel uncomfortable in such clothes. Plus the fiber is much stronger and more durable. Repeat washing will not break fibers nearly as fast as with cotton. Producing hemp clothing would mean that we should be producing much less clothing.