Dumb Phones


Here are the dumbphones I've owned.

Here are phone usage statistics.

Here are a couple ways you can cut back on phone usage;

Delete all social media apps off your phone. Perhaps you can even delete your social media accounts. If you really need to check up on these platforms, wait until you get to a computer.

Turn off all non-essential notifications. Only have them for things like messages and phone calls.

Put your phone on the other side of the room when you go to bed. If you use it as a alarm clock, STOP DOING SO! Go out to the store and by a real alarm clock.

SAR measures the rate at which the human body absorbs radio frequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) waves. The results are in watts per kilogram (W/Kg).

All smartphones emit radiation. In a study done by Bankless Times, Motorola Edge was the worst emitter, recording a SAR measure of 1.79 W/Kg. At the second place was the Axon 11 5G with a SAR value of 1.59 W/Kg and at the third place was the OnePlus 6T which had an SAR rating of 1.55.

Visit the FCC website for more information about SAR.

If you can, try putting your phone in your bag or briefcase during the day instead of your pocket. This minor inconvenience will stop you from checking your phone so much and lower exposure to harmful radiation.